Joseph J. Neblett

Save Our Flags is a project of the Tennessee Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans, a genealogical organization of the descendants of the Confederate army, navy and marines. Founded in 1896 as an ancillary group to the United Confederate Veterans - actual veterans of the war - the SCV holds as one of our priorities the preservation of the artifacts and relics of the War Between the States.

Through our specialty license plates, the Tennessee Division has been able to donate thousands of dollars toward the conservation and preservation of historic flags – the banners of history. Now, at the 150th anniversary of the war – the sesquicentennial - we’re stepping up our efforts with another endeavor, one in which we will “adopt” specific flags most in need of conservation. The flags we’re conserving are owned by the citizens of Tennessee and are held at the Tennessee State Museum. Once conserved, they will remain safely at the museum for the enjoyment of future generations.

This time we’re offering you a chance to help, and to learn more about the men, the flag, and the process. It’s our goal to raise the funds in small amounts of $20 per donor, and we hope we can count on you. Please make checks payable to SCV, noted for the Save Our Flags fund, and mail to:

Tennessee Division, SCV
P. O. Box  782
Lebanon, Tennessee  37088-0782

We also invite you to learn more about our organization. Visit the website of the Tennessee Division at or our national organization at  We have camps (chapters) all across the country, and if you’re interested in history, especially American history, look us up. Help us preserve our Southern history.